Didn't get your activation code e-mail? Or other e-mail?

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Didn't get your activation code e-mail? Or other e-mail?

Postby RaceRender LLC » Mon Jan 12, 2015 8:32 pm

We've been seeing an increase in e-mail delivery problems to certain e-mail providers over the past several months. Some of these are now resolved with them, however some problems still appear to persist, outside of our control.

In the vast majority of cases, your RaceRender activation code is automatically e-mailed to you at the time of purchase. If you continue the checkout process back to RaceRender.com, you will also be taken to a Thank You page that can show your activation code within a matter of seconds (you may have to refresh the page for updated status). However, due to overzealous spam filters and/or other issues, some users may not see our e-mails delivered to them, especially in the case of automated activation code e-mails. In some cases, they are simply in the spam folder. In other cases, they are not delivered at all (and we often don't even get a non-delivery notice for it). This can be very frustrating on both ends.

Despite our attempts to accommodate common e-mail sender verification systems, and the use of our own mail server that is not used for any spam or mass mailings, the problem persists with some e-mail providers. There is unfortunately very little we can do about that, as the problem is on their end, and certain providers apparently don't let us talk to a human about this. However, you can help us (and other users) out: If you find a RaceRender e-mail in your spam folder, please mark it as "Not Spam" and move it to your inbox.

If your activation code e-mail is still not found in your spam folder, please contact us at http://RaceRender.com/Contact.html and be sure to select "Orders / Purchases / Product Activation" as the reason, so that we can more quickly answer you.

If you contact us about other issues, please be aware that it can take some time, as we do get some more complex questions that take time to investigate and respond. Many of the inquiries we receive can also be answered by the RaceRender knowledge base, the product documentation, and/or previous posts on this forum.
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