Renault Clio RS 2.0 16v - Lohéac (France)

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Renault Clio RS 2.0 16v - Lohéac (France)

Postby dough29 » Thu Aug 28, 2014 3:56 am

Hello !

I'm Damien from France, last Saturday I was at Lohéac in France for a track day with my Renault Clio RS 2.0 16v.

Here is one of my fastest lap :

Data logger : TrackMaster with 1Hz GPS from Nexus 5

Render with RaceRender free + Sony Vegas

I have a BlueTooth GPS 10Hz, battery when wrong on track day :(

I also have an OBD ELM BlueTooth adapter, next time I will try to add some infos like RPM, ...
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