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Make Image/Video/Text/etc. Disappear at a Certain Time

Postby RaceRender LLC » Tue Aug 21, 2012 4:59 pm

Some users find it useful to make various display objects, such as images, video, text, or data visualizations, appear or disappear at times of their choosing. You can accomplish this within RaceRender by using the timeline segment functionality for the individual display object(s) that you want it to affect. By default, a display object will only have one timeline segment, which automatically fits to your entire project. Any changes you make in its properties box will be applied instantly and will span the entire project.

But what if you want a display object to do something different after the 5 minute mark, such as disappear? To accomplish that, create a new timeline segment for that object at 00:05:00.00 (5 minute mark), then change the parameters as you like. Any changes you make while the preview screen is displaying at or after 00:05:00.00 will be applied to that timeline segment, and any changes you make before that will be applied to the object's initial state. The "Active" box controls if the display object is shown or not, so unchecking it will make the object disappear. These timeline segment controls are shown near the top of the display object's properties box, and you can view it from another perspective by using the "Show Timeline" button on the main screen. That Timeline screen will also allow you to modify the segment start times, and certain other parameters.

To make a display object disappear at a specific time within the project:

  • Double-click on the display object to open its properties box on the right.
  • Click on the "Add" button that's near the top right, and enter the time in the project when you want this object to disappear.
  • (the preview screen will automatically change to be at or after the time you had entered, so that it is showing the timeline segment you are now working on)
  • Uncheck the "Active" box to make it disappear for the remainder of the project.
What you have done here is create a timeline segment for that display object, which allows you to configure it differently at different times in the project. In this case, you've just configured it to no longer be active once this new timeline segment begins. If you want to re-activate and/or re-configure it at a later time in the project, you could create another timeline segment at that later point, and then make the desired changes there.

If you want to edit the starting point or length of an existing timeline segment, you can do it two ways:

1) Click the "Timeline" button to open the timeline view at the bottom, then find the desired display object in that list, click on the segment you want, and then click the "Edit" button.

2) Double-click the display object to open its properties box to the right, use that to select the timeline segment you want, and then click the "Time:" text to open the edit screen.

You will now be able to view and change the starting point in the project for that timeline segment. The "Segment Starting Time in Project" setting will control at what time this segment's changes are applied to the project. The "Effective Length" setting will control how long until the next timeline segment takes effect (which can optionally override the current segment's settings). If there is no next timeline segment, this will either be blank, or may say "End". If you want more changes to happen after the current segment starts, then you'll just need to create a new segment at that later point to make those changes.

If you want a display to not be shown at first, then for it to appear for some period of time, and then finally disappear: Create the display, configure it as you like, and then uncheck it's "Active" box to make it disappear. Now create a new timeline segment on it, set that to the starting time at which you want it to appear, and enable the "Active" checkbox for that segment. Finally, make it disappear again by creating another new timeline segment on it, set that to the later time at which you want it to disappear, and un-check the "Active" checkbox for that segment.
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