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Windows 8 and RaceRender

Postby RaceRender LLC » Thu Jun 07, 2012 9:57 pm

Here's what's new in Windows 8 and 8.1 that relates to RaceRender:

- In short, it's much better at working with video, and that's immediately useful in RaceRender. Thank you, Microsoft!

- Windows 8's version of Media Foundation offers nicely improved media format and decoding support. Still no MPEG-2 (although you may get audio now), but it can now handle .MTS and .M2TS files containing AVCHD. MPEG-4 / H.264 support appears improved as well... On Windows 7, there were some cases of Media Foundation not being able to decode H.264 sound for some cameras (at which point RaceRender reverted to backup methods like QuickTime); that appears to be resolved in Windows 8.

- The H.264 encoder is much improved! It now supports the High Profile and higher bit rates, bringing you improved high-definition video output with very high quality options. It does a better job of making use of all of your CPU cores, so it tends to encode faster too. A few of the bugs present in Windows 7's H.264 encoder have also been fixed in Windows 8.

- It has the SmartScreen feature, which may give you a false alarm on niche or independent software like RaceRender, although that issue does appear to be resolved for RaceRender now. Despite the installer being digitally signed to verify that it comes from RaceRender LLC, as well as passing your own system's virus and security scans, there's a chance that Windows 8 might still block the RaceRender installer from running and display a message about it being potentially dangerous because it's unknown. If this SmartScreen message happens to appear when trying to launch RaceRender's installer, you'll just need to click the "More info" link, and then press the "Run anyway" button. As always, it's a good idea in general to have anti-virus/anti-malware software, and to only install software from trusted sources.

- If you haven't already installed software that uses the .NET 3.0 or 3.5 environment, you will be prompted by Windows 8 to install it when you first try to run RaceRender. Please just let .NET 3 install, as this is a required framework for RaceRender and many other applications, and then start RaceRender again after it has completed.

- The Metro interface takes some getting used to, and there's no conventional Start Menu, so it may not be immediately clear how to find RaceRender or your other applications. This is improved in Windows 8.1.
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