YouTube Account Name & Password Fails to Login

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YouTube Account Name & Password Fails to Login

Postby RaceRender LLC » Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:53 pm

Update (October, 2015): It appears that YouTube has stopped accepting logins from RaceRender and other software that uses a similar approach. Despite their statement about these not using a "modern" authentication method, this was once the way that they had told developers to do it, and it is an SSL encrypted connection. Solutions are being looked into...

Some users have reported issues with using RaceRender's YouTube uploader, where it was not accepting their YouTube account name and password login. This seems to be somewhat account-specific, and may even change from time to time on the same account, typically after a password change or linking/unlinking the account with Google+. This will be investigated further for potential improvements in future releases, but fortunately there is already a workaround:

If this happens to you, please just try using the e-mail address that's associated with your YouTube account. If you enter it as your YouTube user name, along with the correct password, that has been known to solve this issue.
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