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Compatibility with GoPro Studio (aka Cineform)

PostPosted: Tue Sep 24, 2013 5:16 pm
by RaceRender LLC
Some users have reported minor issues when attempting to use RaceRender with videos converted or edited by GoPro Studio (formerly known as Cineform). Fortunately, these can usually be resolved easily.

First, please keep in mind that RaceRender should work well with the raw video files direct from the GoPro camera, and it provides its own tools to trim the start and end, as well as common controls (in the Deluxe and Ultimate editions) for picture brightness, contrast, color and hue, along with cropping / zoom. If those capabilities are all that you're using the GoPro Studio software for, then you may be able to save yourself some time by just using RaceRender to handle that need instead.

The two main pieces of guidance when using the GoPro Studio software are as follows:

1) You usually do not want to use the intermediate file that is created by the "Import & Convert" step in the GoPro Studio software. These files will be encoded using their Cineform codec, which can have less support in RaceRender and other software. On Windows, it may be an .AVI file, but on Mac it's a .MOV file, which makes it harder to tell the difference. In either case, be sure to complete the process through the "Export" step to save the result into an H.264 video, which should then work better with RaceRender. The first step, "Import & Convert" lets you trim the video and then creates that intermediate Cineform video. After doing that conversion, you just need to click the "Proceed to Step 2" button at the lower right, select the blank template, drag your video onto its timeline, and then click the "Step 3: Export" tab at the top... The "HD 720p" or "HD 1080p" options should work. Or, if you choose the "Custom" option, make sure the setting is to encode it as H.264, and not GoPro Cineform.

2) Windows users: It has been observed that videos encoded by the GoPro Studio software may have timings that cause unusual behavior with both the Microsoft H.264 decoder (in Windows 7 and 8), and the QuickTime H.264 decoder, that RaceRender uses. The issues with the Microsoft H.264 decoder implementation have since been largely resolved in RaceRender, and should be available to Windows 7 users when the video is 1080p or less, as well as to Windows 8 users. If you are using Windows XP or Vista, or are attempting to use a video larger than 1080p with Windows 7, RaceRender would have to rely on the QuickTime H.264 decoder, which may not work as desired for these video encodings. If using Windows 7, you should simply have the GoPro software do its export step into 1080p or smaller, as that should allow the use of the Microsoft H.264 encoder, and can help RaceRender process faster too. If that doesn't work, or if you are using Windows XP or Vista, then you'll probably want to just use the raw video files from the GoPro camera, rather than processing it through their software.

In either case, please note that you should copy the video files from the camera to your computer's hard drive, and then use that copy when using RaceRender or other video software. Attempting to use videos directly from the camera, its memory card, a thumb drive, etc., can result in slower performance and possible lags (especially when attempting to seek the preview).