How to Produce Video of Gauges Only (Transparent Background)

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How to Produce Video of Gauges Only (Transparent Background)

Postby RaceRender LLC » Wed May 15, 2013 12:07 am

Some users may wish to use RaceRender to produce a video of just the data overlay gauges, and/or other objects, alone. This is typically the case when working with more advanced projects where you also want to use traditional editing or compositing software.

Although there isn't a direct way to encode transparency into output video files, you can get RaceRender to produce a video of the gauge overlays (and any other objects) on a green-screen or blue-screen background, so that your other video software can use its chroma key functionality to interpret that brightly colored background as a transparency. Here are the steps to do this in RaceRender:

1) Remove or deactivate the main video in your project. This will cause the gauges and any other objects to appear on a black background.

2) Click the "Add" button under "Display Objects", and select the "Shape" object.

3) In the new shape object's Properties box that appears on the right, change the "Style" selection to either "Green Screen" or "Blue Screen". This should make the entire screen appear bright green or blue.

4) Now just right-click on the Shape object in the "Display Objects" list, and select "Move to Bottom". All of your gauges and other objects should then reappear on top of this colored background.

5) Produce this output video with RaceRender, then use your desired editing software's chroma keying functionality to convert that background color to transparency.
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