Data that i logged

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Data that i logged

Postby k24556 » Tue Sep 09, 2014 5:41 pm

I'm having a difficult time with the data I got from my first trip out to the track with TrackAddict. I have a GoPoint BT1A and an apple Iphone4. I have VIR full course loaded, and while sitting on the grid I have the Record Now bar showing on the app with "waiting for movement" above it. The data set (after downloading) shows the vehicle speed at 20.51, and rpm at 2433, yet I'm on the grid at that time and waiting to be released on the track.

I can't seem to find a way to synchronize the data set with my video. It looks like i lost the first 30 seconds or so of data, but I'm finding it nearly impossible to sync up.

Am I doing something wrong in the app setup on the phone?
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Re: Data that i logged

Postby mmarx82 » Tue Sep 30, 2014 7:20 am

It sounds like a problem with your GPS on the device. Try making sure all other apps are closed before starting TrackAddict, especially since you have an old iPhone 4.

Additionally, make sure your Location Services are turned on by going to: Settings > Privacy > Location Services
Also, In the same location make sure that for this app the setting is set to "While Using the App". Turning off Location Services for apps that want an "Allways" on tracking can help as well.

It does take a few seconds for the GPS to Lock on as well, have the app started and wait for a Green GPS icon on the main screen before pressing the Record button. Also, where you have put your device could be causing a problem with acquiring or keeping a lock on multiple satellites which is required for a good GPS signal. This in turn could indicate to the phone that your moving when in fact your not.

You can also force the recording to start on the "Waiting for movement" screen as well to make it start recording regardless of the above settings.

As far as synchronizing your video and data, RaceRender is the best app for that. You can set your speed by manually editing the log file and setting your speed to zero then watch the GPS coordinates and RPM speed to determine when you were moving to help you get that first video done and synchronized better.
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