OBDII Profiles Suggestion

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OBDII Profiles Suggestion

Postby mmarx82 » Wed May 21, 2014 10:53 am

Can we add recorded OBDII Profiles? What I found is if I setup the app to record certain things then switch to a vehicle that doesn't have those things then it automatically drops those recorded fields. Then when I switch back to the car that has all of them they don't get recorded. It's pretty annoying when trying to Autocross and their isn't much time or any for that matter to "re-choose" what I want recorded without holding up everyone else and it's even more annoying when you think you think you had reset them only to find out later when trying to make your videos in RaceRender that you didn't. It's either that or force the app to ignore the fact that the ECM doesn't have those fields that way when I switch back I don't have to worry about them not being recorded for the vehicle that does.
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Re: OBDII Profiles Suggestion

Postby RaceRender LLC » Sat May 24, 2014 1:09 pm

Yes, I'm hoping so... That has been on the to-do list for the same reason that you describe, and I run into the same issue myself when switching between multiple vehicles. Internally, it needs a little restructuring to make this happen, and of course a technique to uniquely identify older vehicles that don't give us a VIN (most cars before 2002), but I believe I have a workable solution for that...
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