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Error Setting Start / Finish Point

PostPosted: Tue Mar 18, 2014 5:07 pm
by RaceRender LLC
A bug has been discovered in the recent app update (version 2.6), which has temporarily broken the ability to choose custom start / finish coordinates. Unfortunately, while implementing new features, a small change was made to an unintended area, which was not as thoroughly retested as it should have been. I apologize for the inconvenience; this should be resolved soon. The problem primarily affects users of Segment mode who wish to set specific start and/or end coordinates for automatic timing between those points. To a lesser and somewhat different extent, this also affects Circuit mode users who try to set a custom start/finish point (as opposed to using the app's default start/finish point for your track).

The Good News:

  • A fix for this problem was promptly submitted to Apple, and should be available as an app update via the App Store very soon, if it isn't already. This will be version 2.6.1. Apple's review process did take a bit longer than normal this time, but they have approved it as of Monday, March 24th, so it should be available very soon...

  • This temporary problem does not affect tracks that you had already created and set the start/finish coordinates for. It only affects the ability to add or change those coordinates.

  • Segment mode still works without having any coordinates set. In that case, it will automatically start timing when your vehicle accelerates from a stop, and end timing when you press one of the other buttons at the bottom to navigate away from the "Record" screen.

  • Circuit mode is largely unaffected. This is due to the inclusion of 550+ default start/finish points for tracks all around the world, which are not affected by the problem. If you are trying to add a custom start/finish point, or it is otherwise undefined, you will still be given the on-screen button to set that point while driving, which should work for timing that session, but it just may not retain those coordinates for future sessions. That issue is also resolved by the pending update, as it is caused by the same bug.