Live Telemetry Problems? Check Here

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Live Telemetry Problems? Check Here

Postby RaceRender LLC » Mon Mar 03, 2014 11:26 pm

March 3, 2014: There have been a few recent problems with users connecting to TrackAddict HD's live telemetry streaming server. This is a login data issue that affected certain user accounts, and the root cause of it should now be resolved. However, any user that was affected will still need to reset his account, which can be accomplished by simply pressing the associated "Reset" button in TrackAddict HD.

Live Telemetry Troubleshooting Steps

  • When you have enabled live telemetry streaming in TrackAddict HD (under the "More Options..." -> "Streaming" screen), and then go to the "Record" screen to start a new session recording, you should then see a blue "Live" icon appear to indicate that it is connected and streaming. It may take a few seconds to appear, after recording has actually begun. Note that in Circuit mode, this will normally not happen until the vehicle reaches 10 mph, or you press the "Record Now" button.

  • If live telemetry streaming is not working for you, go to the "Setup" screen, click the "More Options..." button, then click the "Streaming" button. Now click the "Follow / Unfollow Others" button. After a second or two, this should attempt to take you to a web page.

    • If the web page logs you in to your "Manage Account" screen, then your account appears to be working.

    • If the web page fails to load, then your device is apparently not connected to the Internet (or the server is temporarily offline).

    • If the web page says "Login Failed!", then your account would seem to be affected by this problem. Go back to TrackAddict HD and click the red "Reset" button. This will generate a new account, which should then work for you.
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