Dual XGPS160 (10Hz) Compatibility and Tips

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Dual XGPS160 (10Hz) Compatibility and Tips

Postby RaceRender LLC » Sat Nov 16, 2013 12:14 pm

Good news! The new 10 Hz XGPS160 from Dual Electronics will work with TrackAddict HD. This GPS gives us a 10 Hz sample rate with an accuracy spec of 2.5 meters, and it's very affordable for this type of device, so it's a great addition to TrackAddict HD for those users who desire more precision than the standard iPhone GPS (which is typically 1 Hz and 5-10 meter accuracy). It seems to acquire a GPS signal faster than the XGPS150, it has double the sample rate, and it supports bluetooth connections from up to 5 devices at the same time, even with them in 10 Hz mode!

Please be sure that you have updated to the latest version of TrackAddict HD from the App Store, as the version 2.5 update includes a couple of adjustments that offer significant improvements for the XGPS160, along with some big improvements in other areas. Version 2.5.1 is currently pending Apple's review and offers some more improvements that benefit the XGPS160.

TrackAddict HD will show a battery level icon next to a green GPS icon when it is successfully connected in Enhanced mode, which is needed for 10 Hz operation. The green GPS icon should also show a '+' in the lower right corner to indicate that it is receiving GPS data with a sample rate of 4 Hz or higher.

If you have the XGPS160 connected to your iOS device, with its GPS light on solid, and TrackAddict HD is still not showing a battery icon next to the GPS, then please check the following items:

1) Go into your device's Settings app, select Bluetooth, and make sure the XGPS160 is listed there and its status says "Connected". If it is "Not Connected" or "Not Paired", then tap there and it should attempt to connect. If that fails, you may need to reset your iOS device and/or your GPS, by turning it off and then back on again.

2) In TrackAddict HD, from the Setup screen, tap the More Options button, and make sure that the GPS is set to "Enhanced".

3) If all else fails, you might try completely terminating TrackAddict HD and re-opening it. To completely terminate it on iOS 7 (going to the background may not always be sufficient in this particular case), double-tap the Home button, then go to TrackAddict and swipe up on its screenshot, so that it disappears from the screen. When you open TrackAddict HD after doing that, and your XGPS160 was already connected to your iOS device with a solid GPS light, it should then work.

Also, as of this writing, XGPS160 firmware version 1.20 is their latest, and that is what TrackAddict HD is being developed and tested with. It may not be essential, but if you have any issues that aren't solved by the above guidance, it would be a good idea to use Dual's SkyPro app to check or update your firmware version: Open the SkyPro app, go to it's Setup screen, then you'll find the Firmware version and a "Check Update" button next to it.
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