Announcement: Gear Detection Feature

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Announcement: Gear Detection Feature

Postby RaceRender LLC » Sat Jul 20, 2013 4:55 pm

I'm happy to announce that gear number indicators are coming!

For those who are using OBD-2 interfaces, TrackAddict HD version 2.3 will include the ability to automatically determine the current transmission gear number, and display that in its video+data overlays, as well as in the lap detail screen (next to current speed). As many OBD-2 users know, most cars do not include a current gear indicator in the common OBD-2 parameter set that's available to TrackAddict HD or most other non-manufacturer-specific products. That means that there is usually no "Gear" option for you to select in the OBD-2 data channels, and it therefore wouldn't appear in the output .CSV data file either.

The good news is that there is now a solution: If you have both the "0C: Engine Speed" and "0D: Vehicle Speed" data channels included in your selection on the OBD-2 channels screen, and then go record a track session with those settings in use, both TrackAddict HD 2.3 and RaceRender 2.9.2 will automatically attempt to derive the current gear number from the relationship between them. This also includes automatic detection of your vehicle's gear ratios. It appears to be working pretty nicely so far, but as is to be expected, there are some things that can throw it off, and it wont work in all cases. Most likely problem causes would be things like inconsistent sampling of speed and RPM from the car's ECU or sensors, excessive clutch or wheel slip, or automatic transmissions when the torque converter is not locked.

What this means is to you right now is that you should change your OBD-2 settings to include the "0C: Engine Speed" and "0D: Vehicle Speed" channels, so that data you record today will be ready to see the benefit of this feature when the new version is released. These two channels, along with throttle position, will be the defaults for new users in version 2.3, but existing users will want to consider making this change.

It's important to note that both data channels are needed via OBD-2, as TrackAddict HD won't accept the GPS speed for this purpose (it's less reliable, due to different sampling and responsiveness rates). If you really want to try using the GPS speed with OBD-2 RPM to derive the gear number, RaceRender will be able to attempt that, but the results can be less consistent than using OBD-2 for both.

TrackAddict HD 2.3 is in testing now, with the plan of being submitted for Apple's review before the end of July. Availability to users typically comes about a week after that.

RaceRender 2.9.2 is expected to be available very soon...
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