Hows does TackAddict respond to an incoming phone call?

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Hows does TackAddict respond to an incoming phone call?

Postby lunat1ck » Thu Jul 11, 2013 5:59 am

I just got back from two absolutely awesome days driving a rental Spec Miata on Watkins Glen, where I ran 8 30 minute sessions. I managed to get TrackAddict to successfully acquire data in only 6 of the 8 sessions, though. In the first case, I mounted the phone while it was in "record" mode, but still showing "Waiting for GPS...". The GPS *was* connected via Bluetooth (I always verify this before I open TrackAddict), but TrackAddict hadn't connect yet. When I got back into the pits, it was still showing this message, and had recorded nothing.

The second failure was a little different. After the first failure, I always waited until I saw "Waiting for movement..." before mounting the phone and forgetting about it (it wasn't mounted where I could see it while on track -- there wasn't a good location to mount it, and I lack a suction cup mount to stick it on the window -- got get one of those....). However, during that track session, my son called and left me a voice mail, and when I got back to the pits. TrackAddict had no data for the session at all. Unfortunately, I don't remember what was on the screen, because I was so keen to find out what my lap times are, I hit "Sessions" as soon as I pulled the phone out of the car. Turns out that I beat my previous best times by over 2 seconds, but I had to wait until I got home and could get the times off of of the raw video.

So, my BEST session has no telemetry data :-( I did some searching, and I can't find a way to block incoming calls and text without also losing network connectivity. I need to keep WiFi functional for the OBD data via my Kiwi Wifi device, so "Airplane Mode" won't cut it. I will continue that search, but in the meantime, how should I expect TrackAddict to respond when this happens?

75% reliability (while not necessarily your fault) isn't satisfactory for me, and I want to make sure I can get this data 100% of the time. Especially since I will be offering video and data services via my company at track days later this year or next, and I plan to use TrackAddict when the customer has an iPhone. I am also thinking of investing in a few iTouch devices to offer data collection for the old farts that don't own smart phone, but then the incoming call/text issues a moot point. In any event, it's important that I understand precisely what can interrupt and/or terminate the data collection, so I can prevent it from happening.

Thanks, as always, for your help, and thanks again for a great pair of products.

BTW, I'm pretty sure I generated a few slaes for you. I set up my mini data center in the media center, and all the guys with GoPros, who often barely know how to use them, were asking me how I create µy track videos (which it turns out, most of them had seen on YouTube already!!). I gave 5 or 6 tutorials to people on how I use TrackAddict and RaceRender, and I think the few that are technically competent will probably buy it.
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Re: Hows does TackAddict respond to an incoming phone call?

Postby RaceRender LLC » Mon Jul 15, 2013 12:21 am

Hi. Incoming phone calls and texts generally will not suspend TrackAddict HD or other apps, unless you answer them or go into another app. Even in that case, all that should happen is that the video would stop recording (can't record in the background), and the accelerometer and GPS would continue to operate in background mode (no difference unless you're using an XGPS150, which would just switch to 1Hz iOS Location Services until you return to the app). It will also show a local push notification that it's recording in the background.

The "Waiting for GPS..." message means that either iOS Location Services are completely unavailable to the app, the accuracy is really poor (typically cell tower and WiFi triangulation rather than any GPS fix), or that there's a connection to a an external GPS but there's no data (typically, it doesn't have a fix). Being that it's an external GPS, I'd suspect that it was connected enough to disable the iPhone's internal GPS, but then either had a communications link problem or the GPS just didn't have a fix for whatever reason. It's rare, but possible for a stale or broken connection to be caused in the iOS bluetooth connection, the external GPS itself, or the higher-level external accessory stream that is provided to the app (if you're using an XGPS150). If you stop recording and exit the app, wait about 10-15 seconds, and then go back into it, that will usually shut down the GPS connection and then create a fresh new one. If not, fully terminating the app or rebooting the phone can help, and I would definitely suggest resetting the GPS as well, being that it's not clear where the problem is. In actual practice (especially if in a rush), rather than messing with trying to diagnose it, I would just terminate the app and cycle the power on the GPS, being that this should be a catch-all to resolve most situations. Are you using the XGPS150, or a different GPS? There are a few more things that the app has control over with the XGPS150, but it should just fall back to using the standard iOS Location Services (CoreLocation framework) if it fails.

"Waiting for movement..." would mean that it has a good GPS signal and is receiving GPS updates, but the speed being reported is zero or an incorrect low number, which very strange (have never seen that issue before) and would tend to point to the GPS. Trying to look for a possible iOS or app cause for that, I could theorize that this might be possible if it were very busy processing something else, or there were something causing interrupts or lags in the run queue(s), so that the incoming GPS data wasn't being parsed fast enough before its buffer got full, resulting in partial data. That should resolve itself once the other processing task finished though, and I would think that it would at least get the speed reading periodically, so I don't know that it would quite cause these symptoms unless the app were somehow completely hung up.

For maximum reliability, I launch the app right away (it will work on acquiring the GPS signal when it's open and on the Setup screen), get the iPhone mounted in the car at least a few minutes before it's due to go out on track, aim the camera (if recording video with the app), and then set it to record as soon as it is mounted. That should give it time to get a good GPS signal and display "Waiting for Movement..." before the car heads out onto the track, or you can press the button to manually start recording at any time. If there's a GPS issue that causes it to seem stuck on "Waiting for GPS..." or the GPS icon is not green, I would resolve that before the car goes out on track, if at all possible. If you happen to be using the live streaming or experimental GoPro control features, you might try turning those off as a precaution... I don't know how they could really cause either of the problems you experienced, but if nothing else, it's a little less work that the iPhone has to do, and two less TCP/IP connections that could periodically lag the run queue under certain circumstances.

Thanks, as always, for continuing to spread the word about RaceRender and TrackAddict HD!
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Re: Hows does TackAddict respond to an incoming phone call?

Postby mmarx82 » Tue Oct 08, 2013 9:10 am

I know this is old but this is what I do, since your not going to answer the phone while on the track, Take your phone Go into your settings > General > Cellular > Turn Cellular Data "OFF"

Just make sure you turn it back on after your finished. The only downside doing this will cause will be no Online Streaming but at least you get everything you were really wanting anyways in case someone does try to call/text you while your on the track.
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