Standalone external GPS loggers

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Standalone external GPS loggers

Postby kurauzo » Sat Feb 28, 2015 7:43 am

So far I've been using my iphone to log my rides and it's been great.

But I now I want more accuracy, specially for the overlay map (wanna see the line I'm taking) so I'm considering acquiring an extgernal GPS logger suck as SkyPro XGPS160 or BadElf 2300, but I have some questions if anyone is able to help:

1) Can I use those independently of the iPhone or the TrackAddict HD App (i.e., no bluetooth pairing, collect gps data on device itself and reconcile using racerender)?

2) Can someone recommend what's better, SkyPro or BadElf, or any other external device under $200 for that matter?

3) With increased accuracy, will I be able to plot the overlay map with thinner, better detailed lines? Right now it's just a big thick line and there's no way to relate where you are (if you're driving long segments, It's fine for circuits)

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Re: Standalone external GPS loggers

Postby RaceRender LLC » Mon Mar 02, 2015 1:00 am

1) I can't speak the the BadElf's logging capability, as I don't have one here. The XGPS160 does have a standalone logging feature, however the logs retrieved through their SkyPro app appear to only be at 1Hz, and are in Google Earth KML format, which is a much less common situation that RaceRender doesn't presently support. If you're technically inclined, it wouldn't be too difficult to convert this into a simple CSV format that RaceRender can use, but I'd still recommend just using TrackAddict to record the data because of the 10Hz capability that way.

2) The XGPS160 and XGPS150 are currently the only GPS devices that have enhanced support in TrackAddict for iOS, meaning that we get the raw NMEA data at 10Hz (or 5Hz for the XGPS150) which includes the precise timing information that we really need. This capability is much more open on Android, but iOS needs certain cooperation and approvals, for which we currently only have for Dual Electronics (maker of the XGPS160 & XGPS150).

3) I honestly wouldn't expect that capability to change much with better GPS precision, as it's more a function of scaling... Longer segments that cover a large area would be more zoomed-out than a session that stays confined to a track. RaceRender Ultimate does have the ability to change the line size to be pretty small, though... If you open a track map display's properties box and check both "High Resolution" and "Higher Res", then change the "Line Size" to 1, that should give you a very fine line.
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