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Own Pic`s

Postby tomthebest » Tue Dec 30, 2014 10:29 am


today i buy the Racerender 3 Ultimate Software.
My question, how can overlay own graphics ofer the video?

how can i calculate the speed to m/min ?

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Re: Own Pic`s

Postby RaceRender LLC » Tue Jan 13, 2015 11:58 pm

Hi. To add your own graphic images, you can just add those image files to the RaceRender project, then size and move them as you like. To add different data overlays, or overlays for custom or additional data channels, you can use the "Add" button under "Display Objects" to create the various data visualizations from your data input file. Each time a new display object is created, you should see its properties box appear on the right, and you would set the data "Field" there to choose which data channel it displays, and then set any other options.

To calculate speed in meters per minute, you could use a Calculated Field option... Double-click on your data file in the "Input Files" list, then go down to "Calculated Field 1", give it a name like "Speed m/min", select the "Input Field" to be your file's speed data field, change the type to "Multiply", and then enter the conversion factor.

This factor will depend on which unit is used for speed, and the speed field in particular is a little unique because it is automatically converted based on your "Preferred Speed Unit" setting on the Project Setup panel. Even if the speed field is named "Speed (Knots)", it will already be converted to your preferred speed unit (typically MPH or Km/h), so your conversion factor needs to be based on that. If you are using Km/h, the conversion to m/min would be 16.6666667, MPH to m/min would be 26.8224, and Knots to m/min is 30.8666667. The easy way to figure these out is to go to Google and type in "1 km/h to m/min" and it will give you the conversion factor; replace "knot" with whatever your data file's speed unit is.

Once you set that factor and click OK, you can then go to your desired display object and change it's "Field" to be this "Speed m/min" column (or whatever you decided to name it), and it will then display the data with your given conversion factor.
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